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Aero Tire & Tank was started in June 1971 by Elmer L. Klopfenstein. At the time, Aero Tire & Tank was primarily a fuel cell repair station and a warehouse delivery point for Goodyear and Thompson Aircraft Tire corp. Additionally, we were a distributer of BF Goodrich and McDonnell Douglas aviation products. In 1984 David Kirby became the General Manager and introduced a wheel and brake service shop for small and regional aircraft. In 1987 Aero Tire & Tank sold to Thompson Aerospace. Aero Tire & Tank had developed into a premier wheel and brake service center which interested Thompson and their growth plans.

Thompson worked with Bendix to develop a carbon refurbishment process to provide to their customers operating the Boeing 767 & MD-11.

When Thompson closed their Dallas facility, David Kirby, grandson of Elmer Klopfenstein and acting General Manager of the Thompson Dallas facility, purchased the equipment and re-opened as Aero Tire & Tank, L.L.C.


To provide product identification, two service companies were established. Aero Tire & Tank Specialist was one, for the fuel cell repair, sales and overhaul. Dallas Centerline was the other, for the wheel and brake repair / overhaul. With the development of internal fuel cells and the use of heavy chemicals required to make repairs, the fuel cell division was discontinued to focus our efforts on wheels and brakes. Dallas Centerline spent the next several years becoming experts at developing procedures and repairs with O.E.M. engineers to ensure that the maximum service is being reached from every component serviced.

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Since it's beginnings, Dallas Centerline has come a long way. We continue to support multiple government contracts, regional, FBO, and Brokers. We are strategically located near Addison Municipal Airport, and Love Field. We make multiple trips to these airports on a weekly basis to pick up and deliver components to mulitple customers. Our ability to meet or exceed our customers deadlines, helps keep their planes in the air completing missions, making money, and driving sales. We have organized our shop to facilitate the repair of virtually ANY wheel or brake.


Dallas Centerline is commited to the wheel and brake industry, and is passionate about the aviation industry. We are looking at other aircraft components to integrate our experience and expertise to expand our capabilities. Additionally, we are interested in helping grow the PMA industry. We want to find ways to save the industry money by introducing a line of parts that will offer operators a good quality alternative. Please feel free to contact us with any parts you would like an aftermarket option for.