Non-Destructive Testing

We have been doing all of our own Non-Destructive Testing in house since we started the Wheel and Brake shop. We have two level 3 NDT experts that will ensure our employees have the highest level of training and understanding of components when performing their inspections. All shop personnel have level 2 certifications and re-current training on a regular basis.

LIquid penetrant

We use a level 3 water washable penetrant that contains NO petrolium distilates. Our tank measures 67"x27"x32", giving us the ability to test LARGE components. We test the sensivitity of our system regularly to ensure its capability to penetrate is adequate and free of contamination.

Magnetic Particle

Our machine is an AC current only machine. This method is much easier to de-magentize to ensure that there is no residual magnetization in our tested components. The concentration level is tested daily in our machine to ensure quality and consistancy.

Eddy current

We have a new Olympus machine that is state of the art. It is also capable of doing hardness testing. This is a good idea in the event that your product was overheated, or there something happened that may have comprimised the integrity of the metal. Our machine is capable of storing tests, and print outs are available upon request.



Please contact us with any items that you need inspected so that we may quote you a price and lead time.