Brake Shop

Our brake shop has been evolving with the industry since it was started. With engineers from Allied Signal and Boeing, the process of a 2:1 overhaul for carbons was developed right here. Since then, we've been pioneering repairs of all kinds for customers all over the world.

We know how to make airplanes stop!



Standard turn around time for a brake is 15 days for an overhaul. For customers that have brakes that are only slightly worn, we offer a partial overhaul which is 10 days. The piston housing assembly (head) is completely overhauled, and the friction material is blasted, and painted for asthetic purposes. The percentage of life that is left on the brake will be noted on the 8130. Lead time for a Bench Test is 3 days.

Brake service is a VERY parts intensive service. OEM’S have a standard lead time for most of their parts, for that reason we will use local distributers to get parts in a more timely manner.


We work closely with a local DER, and with OEM engineers to develop and approve repairs that are safe and efficient to avoid having to replace costly components. Those components can often be difficult to find, with long lead times from the OEM's.


We take a different approach to quality than that of your average brake shop. We have been in the business for many years, and want to make sure that our customers can SEE the difference when they bring us their components. We are a small business, and we are proud of it.